Ration Packs

Staff Ration Packs are individualised packs of tea, coffee, sugar and creamer designed to be enjoyed by staff members over a daily, weekly or monthly period.
Especially suited for warehouse, factory, delivery or construction staff, the Eazy Office ration packs simplify the process of managing the monthly refreshment needs of your employees. Allowing for accurate monthly budgeting for staff consumables, switching to individualised staff ration packs also cuts down on pilferage, wastage and unexpected additional expenses.
Ration packs are assembled to customer specifications. Typical ration packs contain a monthly ration of tea, coffee, creamer and sugar for an individual staff member. Contents can be packed as bulk – where the coffee and creamer are packed in resealable ziplock bags, or as single serving sachets. We also supply products in original branded packaging if required. Weekly or daily packs can be produced and additional items such as toilet paper or laundry soaps can be added if required.

Why Staff Ration Packs?