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Staff Ration Packs contain a monthly ration of tea, coffee, sugar and creamer packed per individual staff member.  Staff members are able to enjoy the contents at their leisure without prejudicing colleagues or the employer.

Ration packs are assembled to customer specifications.  A typical monthly ration pack contains a basic monthly portion of tea, coffee, sugar and creamer, or any combination thereof.  There are virtually no limitations to the items and quantities to be included, and extra items such as toilet paper and even biscuits and rusks can easily be added.

Ration packs can be individualized per staff member to take into account personal preferences and requirements.

Staff ration packs are ideal for warehouse, factory or delivery staff.  We cater for companies of all sizes – from the very small to large operations.


Staff ration packs allow for accurate budgeting for monthly staff consumables.

Staff ration packs cut down on wastage, theft and pilferage.

Staff ration packs mean no more petty cash requisitions and emergency trips for additional sugar and coffee supplies

Staff ration packs ensure all staff members have equal access to supplies

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