SKU Product Name Quantity SKU Product Name Quantity
    004 Five Roses Tagless Teabags 100s 366 Five Roses Tagless Teabags 200s
    443 Glen Tagless Teabags 200s 191 Joko Tagless Teabags 100s
    097 Joko Tagless Teabags 200s 0049 Freshpak Green Tea 80s
    102 Freshpak Rooibos Teabags 80s 455 Freshpak Rooibos Teabags 160s
    093 Laager Rooibos Teabags 80s 1370 Laager Rooibos Teabags 160s
    899 Twinings Earl Grey Tea 100s 0012 House of Coffee Ass Filter Coffee 250g
    841 House of Coffee Ass Coffee Beans 250g 272 Green Bean Filter Coffee 250g
    400 Green Bean Coffee Beans 250g 086 Nescafe Classic 200g
    088 Nescafe Classic 1kg 087 Nescafe Select Decaf
    246 Jacobs Kronung Instant Coffee 200g 101 Ricoffy Instant Coffee 750g
    100 Ricoffy Instant Coffee 1kg 099 Ricoffy Decaf 750g
    142 Frisco Instant Coffee 750g 080 Milo 1kg
    153 Nestle Hot Chocolate 1kg 430 Liquifruit Ass 330ml
    430 Liquifruit Ass 330ml 212 Colddrinks Ass 330ml x 24s
    211 Mixers Ass 200ml x 24s 213 Appletiser 330ml x 24s
    214 Grapetiser 330ml x 24s 279 Oros Orange Squash 5l
    216 Valpre Sparkling Water 500ml x 24s 215 Valpre Still Water 500ml x 24s
    049 Cadbury Endearmints 1kg 562 Maynards Jelly Beans 125g x 12s
    405 Chips Simba Lays 125g 1544 Niknaks Ass 200g
    406 Simba Chips Fritos 407 Simba Chips Ass
    540 Peanuts & Raisins 500g 210 Biltong 1kg
    452 Cashew Nuts Salted 1kg 1694 Mixed Dried Fruit 500g
    234TB Tennis Biscuits 200g 234RC Romany Creams 200g
    234LC Lemon Creams 200g 234ESM Eet Sum More 200g
    234CKT Chockits 200g 205 Bakers Choice Assorted Biscuits 1kg
    007 Bakers Choice Assorted Biscuits 2kg 011 Rusks Ouma 450g
    224 T-Time Indiv Wrapped Biscuits 2.8kg 226 Luxury Mixed Homestyle Biscuits 3kg
    1475 Butro Butter 500g 0034 Flora Rama 500g
    2145 Blue Ribbon Brown Bread 2146 Blue Ribbon White Bread
    2143 Albany Brown Bread 2144 Albany White Bread
    1508 Strawberry Jam 900g 512 Apricot Jam 900g
    1208 Knorr Salad Dressing 340ml 1687 Black Cat Peanut Butter 800g
    241 Honey Squeezy 500g
    075FC Clover Full Cream Milk 1L
    075LF Clover Low Fat Milk 1L 150 Nestle Cremora 1kg
    036 Creamer 1kg
    010 Selati Brown Sugar 1kg
    372 Selati White Sugar 1kg 412 Selati Brown Sugar 2kg
    111 Selati White Sugar 2.5kg 146 Selati Brown Sugar 5kg
    264 Selati White Sugar 5kg 110 Selati White Sugar 12.5kg
    180 Selati White Sugar 25kg 193 Equal Sweetener Tablets 100s
    013 Canderel Tablets 100s 014 Canderel Tablets 300s
    1345 Canderel Sticks 200s 1547 Canderel Sticks 100s
    122 1ply Toilet Paper Brand e 48s 123 2ply Toilet Paper Brand e 48s
    285 Babysoft Toilet Rolls 2 ply 9s 345 1ply Toilet Paper Brand e 10s
    1486 Kitchen Towels 2s 117 Tissues 2ply Brand e 200s
    056 Folded Paper Towels 2000s 033 Continuus Jumbo Roll
    173 Standard Serviettes 200s
    296 Lux/Palmolive Handsoap 100g
    1026 Radox Liquid Handsoap 200ml 223 Deoblock 200g
    121 Toilet Duck Rim Block 50g x 1 125 Urinal Deoblock 4.3kg
    120 Toilet Duck 500ml 018 Sanpic Disinfectant 500ml
    045 Domestos Sanitary Cleaner 750ml 164 Jeyes Bloo Toilet Block 45g x 2
    175 Sunlight Dishwash Antibacterial 750ml 171 Sunlight Dishwash 750ml
    154 Sunlight Dishwash 1.5l 492 Sunlight Dishwash 5l
    183 Omo Foam Action Bleach 750ml 138 Jik Bleach 750ml
    667 Jik Bleach 3l 141 Omo Multiactive Flexibag 1kg
    107 Doom Insect Spray 300ml 170 Handy Andy Cream 750ml
    811 Handy Andy Cream 3L 094 Pledge Multisurface 275ml
    1342 Mr Min Multisurface 300ml 184 Mr Muscle Tile Cleaner 750ml
    189 Cobra Active Tile Cleaner 750ml 663 Windolene 750ml
    041 Dishwash Liquid Brand e 5l 040 Dishwash Liquid Brand e 25l
    090 Pine Disinfectant Brand e 5l 022 Pine Gel Brand e 5l
    063 Handykleen Brand e 5l (Ammoniated Cleaner) 064 Handykleen Brand e 25l (Ammoniated Cleaner)
    009 Bleach Brand e 5l 357 Supakleen Brand e 25l (Water-based Degreaser)
    128 Wash Swab Std 273 3M Sponge/Scourers Large x 2
    103 Sponge/Scourers x 1 161 Yellow Washing Gloves
    232 Tea Towel Premium x 1 116 Tea Towel Standard x 1
    133 Yellow Duster Cloth x 1 084 Mop Standard 400g
    177 Feather Duster Short Handle 069 Office/House Broom
    181 Glade Airfreshner 180ml 179 Airoma Airfreshner 180ml
    065 Airwick Airfreshner 4in1 180ml 434 Airwick Freshmatic Pack
    311 Beige Refuse Bags 20s 047 Black Refuse Bags Std Duty 20s
    046 Black Refuse Bags Heavy Duty 20s 202 Clear Refuse Bags 20s
    114 Swing Bin Liners 401 Trolley Bin Liners